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Recent Posts in Bicycle Accidents Category

National Bike Month

NATIONAL BIKE MONTH May is National Bike Month. The dedication to two-wheeled adventure was established in 1956, and for over half a century has been sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists. ...
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Changing the Car Culture: Is this the century of the bicycle?

TOURIST TRAGEDY Tragedy struck the cycling community once again when Australian tourist Madison Jane Lyden, 23, was killed while biking around New York City late Friday afternoon. Lyden was riding her ...
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Auto Insurance: Not Just for Cars

SURPRISING STATISTICS We hear a lot about the high number of motor vehicle crashes and deaths on our nation’s highways, but much less attention is paid to the other crashes and fatalities ...
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Death by Distraction

STATISTICS CAN LIE Driver distraction—a term which encompasses all sorts of activities that decrease a driver’s focus on the task at hand—is not only hard to stop, but it is hard to ...
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National Bike Month Part IV: Most Common Accidents

May is National Bike Month and we are dedicating our blogs in the month of May to promoting education, awareness and safety in bicycling. This is Part Four in our series. MOST COMMON TYPE OF BICYCLE ...
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National Bike Month: Part III: Bike to Work

May is National Bike Month, and this is the third blog in our series for the Month: BIKE TO WORK WEEK In the past decade, the number of people commuting to work by bicycle has increased by almost 60%. ...
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National Bike Month Part One: Bike Share Programs

May is National Bike Month and Thomas Law will feature a four-part series on the benefits and risks associated with bicycling. BIKE SHARE PROGRAMS: FINALLY HERE Renting bicycles as a means of ...
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March Madness of a Different Kind

MARCH MADNESS OF A DIFFERENT KIND March Madness has definitely hit—in the form of bizarre weather—with temperatures swinging from the 70s to the 30s, and precipitation coming in the form ...
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Wheels of a Different Kind

WHEELS OF A DIFFERENT KIND In the past decade, the number of people commuting to work by bicycle has increased by almost 60%. This is the largest increase for any commuting mode of transportation ...
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The Effect of Climate Change on Traffic Accidents

THE HOTTEST YEAR ON RECORD...AGAIN This year, 2016, marks the third year in a row that the world is on track for setting a record for the hottest year since the 1880s, when global temperatures were ...
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Bicycling: The Sport to Watch Out For

BICYCLING: THE NEW SPORT TO WATCH FOR...TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES In the past several years, a lot of attention has been given to the traumatic brain injuries or TBIs resulting from football and ...
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Distracted Mobility

A RECORD-SETTING WEEKEND IN A RECORD-SETTING YEAR The July 4th weekend promises to be another 2016 holiday in which record-setting numbers of people travel to enjoy family and festivities. Currently, ...
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Summer Fun--and Danger

TRAGEDY IN THE MAGIC KINGDOM It was supposed to be a wonderful family vacation at Disney's premiere resort in Orlando, Florida. The Grand Floridian is a Victorian-style Disney Deluxe Resort hotel ...
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Bike Sharing: How Safe Is It?

BIKE SHARE PROGRAMS: FINALLY HERE Renting bicycles as a means of transportation in cities has been popular in Europe since the 1990s, but the trend only caught on here in the U.S. nearly two decades ...
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Bicyclists and Drivers: A Deadly Mix

BICYCLE RIDES THAT TURN DEADLY A bicyclist was killed early in the morning of February 12, 2016, in a hit and run accident in San Jose, California; his identity has not yet been released. A 54-year ...
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As the popularity of bicycling soars, so do accidents

BICYCLING: MORE POPULAR AND MORE ACCIDENTS As a sport, bicycling has become increasingly popular. No longer primarily the province of spinning classes or the hard-core triathlete, bicycling is now an ...
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The Dangers of Distracted Biking

DISTRACTIONS AND MOBILITY DO NOT MIX Your Atlanta personal injury attorney has previously discussed the risks associated with distracted driving. Currently, forty-four states recognize that taking ...
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Prevent Bicycle Injuries

The amount of bicycling in Atlanta has increased significantly over the past few years. As traffic congestion also continues to increase, there are significant risks of accidents and injuries ...
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Thinking About A Commute Alternative? Trying Riding You Bike To Work!

Spring is right around the corner and after an unusually snowy winter, outdoor activities can be both a welcome source of exercise as well a means to stay healthy. In fact, commuting to and from work, ...
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Bicycle Safety Tips

Did you know that there were 677 reported pedal-cycle related fatalities in 2011? Amongst all pedal-cycle related fatalities alcohol was a related factor in nearly a quarter of all cases. It's ...
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