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Sudden Emergencies While Driving

SUDDEN MEDICAL EVENTS Over the weekend two high-profile political figures reported surprise medical events. John Fetterman, Pennsylvania’s current Lt. Governor and Democratic Primary Candidate ...
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Can going Green still keep you safe?

ELECTRIC CARS PERFORM BETTER THAN EXPECTED Evidence is growing that electric vehicles are at least as safe as conventional ones, with two more vehicles that run exclusively on battery power earning ...
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Trouble at Outdoor Concerts

OUTDOOR CONCERTS CAN BE ANYTHING BUT FUN Spring is here, and so is the outdoor concert season. Last weekend, California hosted Coachella, the internationally famous music festival that draws ...
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Uber Safety: What to do when it fails

SAFETY IN RIDE SHARING Although Uber has gone to great lengths to project an image of being a secure driving alternative, saying that safety is “at the heart of everything we do,” the ...
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Danger in the Shopping Mall

DANGER IN THE SHOPPING MALL Going into the pandemic, some traffic specialists were optimistic that pedestrian deaths would decline. After all, millions of motorists were slashing their driving time ...
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An Oscars Like No Other

AN OSCARS LIKE NO OTHER It was the slap heard around the world. Will Smith, actor and Oscar Nominee, walked on stage at the Academy Awards on March 27, 2022, and slapped Chris Rock, comedian and ...
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Springtime Cycling: What You Need to Know

SOME STARTLING STATISTICS The arrival of spring means more people are riding bicycles. The current surge in gas prices gives an added incentive to cycle rather than drive. However, the increase in ...
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Teen Night Driving: Less is Better

PERMANENT DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME? The Senate voted this week to end the biannual practice of “spring forward” and “fall back” under a bill that would make daylight saving time ...
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Slip, Trip and Fall into Spring

SLIP, TRIP AND FALL With Spring right around the corner, people are getting back into their fitness routines, enjoying the outdoors more, and with surfaces often slick and wet from spring ...
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Orange Barrels

ORANGE BARRELS It’s that time of year again. No, not spring break. Orange barrels—detour signs—I’m going to be late time of year again. Work zones are everywhere, and while ...
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Look Up!

WHAT IS DISTRACTED DRIVING? While the term “distracted driving” has become synonymous with texting while driving, distracted driving really means anything that takes a driver’s ...
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School Bus Related Accidents

ARE SCHOOL BUSES SAFE? According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration statistics, yes. From 2010 to 2019—the last school year before Covid-19 interrupted school ...
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The Danger of Crumbling Infrastructure

PITTSBURGH BRIDGE COLLAPSE A 50-year-old bridge collapsed in Pittsburgh early on January 28, 2022, requiring rescuers to rappel down a ravine and form a human chain to reach a few occupants of the ...
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In the Rear View Mirror

IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR Driving through the city one afternoon, I saw a motorcycle driver weaving through traffic behind me. As I continued to watch him in my rearview mirror, he suddenly accelerated ...
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The Broadcast That Went Viral

WHEN REPORTING THE STORY BECAME THE STORY Tori Yorgey, a reporter from WSAZ-TV in Charleston, West Virginia, was reporting on a water main break during a live broadcast on January 19, 2022, when an ...
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Atlanta Under Siege

ATLANTA UNDER SIEGE The winter storm that was predicted for a week finally arrived—and did not disappoint. With precipitation swinging from freezing rain to snow, and winds gusting at times over ...
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Look to Auto Insurance--for Bicycle Accidents

BICYCLE ACCIDENTS BY THE NUMBERS Riding a bike is good exercise and enjoyable, and can be a good way to commute to work, town, or social engagements. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous: in 2019 ...
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Exercise Injuries

EXERCISE EQUIPMENT: FRIEND AND FOE A New Year often brings a New Year’s Resolution to improve your health and fitness. In these strange pandemic times, and in particular during this latest ...
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The 110-year Prison Sentence

THE 110-YEAR PRISON SENTENCE In the news recently was the story of what seemed to be a wildly disproportionate sentence for an accident involving a truck. On April 25, 2019, in Colorado, Rogel ...
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'Tis the Season for an Accident

HOLIDAY TRAVEL RISKS The National Safety Council (NSC) estimates that 371 people may die on U.S. roads this Christmas Day holiday period. Holidays traditionally are a time of travel for families ...
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Recovery for Slip and Fall Accidents

WHAT IS REASONABLE? In our November 17 blog, we discussed the prediction by the Farmers’ Almanac for a wetter than usual winter for Georgia. Extra precipitation—either in the form of ...
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Tragedy--and Accountability--in Michigan

TRAGEDY IN MICHIGAN On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, yet another school shooting occurred, this time at a high school in Oxford, Michigan. This almost uniquely American phenomenon is tragically, ...
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The Forgotten Epidemic

THE FORGOTTEN EPIDEMIC The revised and finalized numbers are staggering: for the 12-month period beginning March 2020 and ending March 2021, more than 100,000 people died from a drug overdose. With ...
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That Time of Year Again

“SEASON OF SHIVERS” The first edition of the Farmer’s Almanac was published in 1818, and it has been published continuously ever since. The Farmer’s Almanac provides long-range ...
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Time Maneuvers: Dark Days Ahead

DARK DAYS AHEAD We are in the dark days. No, not another Covid-19 surge (we hope). The end of Daylight Saving Time. We “fall back,” setting our clocks back an hour, ending the six months ...
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